Thursday, November 12, 2009


1. we hit the library earlier this week, I found a book that I thought might interest Jed- (he doesn't really like to read)- but he read that book most of the day, and into the next.

2. but I am pretty sure he hasn't picked it up since then. silly boy. he told me he knows how it ends.

3. I vacuumed the floor in my craft room yesterday. wow. what a difference. just doing that made it seem so much cleaner in there. - there were a lot of thread bits and yarn bits all over that floor.

4. but it still needs a lot more cleaning/organizing. I am hoping to finish up some projects that are taking up space in there-- that will make it seem way cleaner!

5. especially if I can get the ones on my table done that have been sitting there for a while. It will be nice to be able to use that table to cut on, or work on. someday. hopefully soon!

6. I have big plans for the girls for Christmas. which involve a bunch of sewing. I am heading to my sister's house tonight to get started! I am so excited.

7. I really hope the girls love them! (I will share more later.)

8. I am happy there is no snow- because no snow makes for good roads, but I kind of wish there was some snow- makes it seem a bit more like winter, you know?

9. does anyone else feel this way? or am I just crazy.

10. anyone else getting Christmas on the brain? My sisters were getting a package ready to send to our parents for Christmas, so I had to work on getting stuff ready for them. kind of nice to have it done. I will show you what I did later- after I know my mom has seen it- because I know she reads this! (hi mom!)

11. I bought a Christmas tree at a garage sale this summer- a pre lit one, so I am kind of itching to put it up, and see how it looks- I think it has some pine cones on it, and some fake snow stuff, so I am not too sure how it will all be- but if nothing else, we can put it down in the basement! it was only $5.

12. but- must wait a couple more weeks. decorations can go up December 1st! ( I think I was anxious one year and put them up a bit earlier, but by the time Christmas came, I was already tired of them.

13. alright- I should go hop in the shower. the cable guy is supposed to be stopping by to pick up something this morning, and I should probably be somewhat presentable. maybe.


Joanne said...

happy sewing and I so wish I lived closer to come and hang and sew along with you! I"m waiting until after Tamarin's birthday to put up the tree etc. my house is so bare right now with no halloween decorations up.

Lynn said...

No. 10 - YUP! ME! Dragged the Christmas boxes out last weekend. Thought I'd have the time to put it all up this week......nope.......the boxes are still just sitting there in the middle of the living room floor. Ugh. i've GOT to get them up this week. It's too close to December, when the REAL time crunch begins.

I will think of you and all your energy and hopefully that will get me motivated this week. : D