Thursday, November 26, 2009


1. we no longer have internet connection on our pc, so I am on the mac, where I know nothing about pictures and stuff, so my posts will be pictureless for a while-
until I figure out the apple,
or we get wireless onto the pc.

2. more sewing planned for tonight. Need to get those dolls some cute outfits!

3. girl's weekend coming up.
so excited.

4. New Moon! I am going. can't wait!

5. I am bringing along some scrapbooking stuff.
(on the weekend-but not to new moon- in case that is what you thought I might mean!)
it has been way, way too long since I have even looked at pictures and paper at the same time.

6. looking at blogs today I am really sad that it isn't thanksgiving up here. yummy turkey and pumpkin pie. I think if I was going to be home this weekend I would cook up a turkey just because. Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans!
(and find some great deals at the stores tomorrow!- one of these years I am going to hit black friday!)

7. I guess I will keep the turkey in my freezer until Christmas.

8. which is now less than a month away.

9. does that freak anyone else out like me? lots to do! stuff to make, and buy, and cook, and decorate!

10. I am so excited to put up our tree!
I bought a new-er one at a garage sale over the summer- it is a pre lit one! I can't wait to take it out of the box and set it up and see what it is like!
and then, if it is not so great, we will pull out our old one, and the lights. fun. not.

11. whoever invented pre lit trees was a genius. seriously. what a great idea. I am amazed at people and the things they come up with.

12. I got a hair cut. and it is cute. maybe I can figure out how to put a picture up sometime soon!

13. had parent teacher interviews for all the kids this past week.
good reports for all four.
makes a mother proud.
(it is so nice to hear that your kids are good from other people. so nice.)


Joanne said...

can't wait to see you, scrapbook and see hunky werewolves with you! yah hooooooooooooo.

Lynn said...

13. Amen to that.

Can't wait to see your new hair cut!

HAve an awesome weekend!

Marcia said...

Saw New Moon...It's great! I wasn't very happy with the Twilight movie, but New Moon is so much better. (maybe it's just been longer since I read the book, and I'm not quite as critical...) Go see it soon.