Friday, November 20, 2009

the girls

in the mail a while ago, we got a little catalogue.
not rare, at this time of year.
flyers, and catalogues everywhere.
but this particular one caught Sadie's eye.
it was the Maplelea girl catalogue

beautiful dolls, yes. nice clothes- no doubt.
but that price tag- yikes.
for a doll?
sorry - but I won't spend more for an outfit for a doll than I do for myself.
so, I was thinking maybe ebay.
maybe an american girls doll. we aren't too picky around here!
but all the ones I saw, and bid on went too high.
and once you add shipping- way too much. so sorry sweet sadie.
but then,
my sister.
who is a deal finder.
found these- Springfield dolls
at Micheals.
for about 1/4 of the price. - and yes, I know not all the same quality, but they are dolls- and will get tossed around, and I don't want to be freaking out every time I see them holding them by their $100 hair! know what I mean?
and of course we use the 40 or 50% off coupons whenever we shop there!
(because this poor little doll comes without clothes!)
so, I decided this year both girls will get a doll.
they can play together that way
(that is the plan, anyways)
so, every time I hit Micheals now, I use the coupon for some fun accessories for these girls-
so far I have a pair of glasses and some crocs.
and my sister and I have spent a couple of nights sewing outfits for these poor naked dolls.
now I need to find a fun case to keep the clothes in.

and that is my story of dolls,
and thriftyness,
and what they are getting for Christmas.


Andrea said...

My girls want dolls too. I may have to copy you, and you may have to sew clothes for me :)

bknmkalhyland said...

those will be fun! I've looked into American Girl dolls too, but for 3 girls....I could buy a living room set!

Lynn said...

Yikes! Pricey dolls for sure.

Love your frugal idea. Totally! You KNOW I am the Queen of frugal. ; D

christa elyce said...

oooh that's smart. when i was a girl those dolls where everything and every white bread girl at school had them...i vowed that when i grew up and had a daughter she'd have what i couldn't...she still doesn't have one...cuz i know the price tag! so thanks for making it easier to have just the simple little things in a child's life that she'll always have and remember...well unless of course...she cuts all her hair off. kids!