Monday, November 16, 2009


this past saturday was sister saturday at our church.
the same as the old super saturdays,
but now under a different name.
(I have no idea why, but whatever!)
a day of crafting, and a delicious lunch- I am all over it!

so, I was asked to do a little display about neighbor/teacher/friend gifts.
so, this is what I did-

(I really wish I had more stuff on the table- but who knew that the grocery store I shop at had no sprite, and no jolly ranchers? not me!
and I was tired of shopping by then, so this is what it was!)

and this is the page that was handed out, with some fun ideas. all courtesy of the internet.
oh, sweet internet. how I love thee.

it was kind of fun to find a bunch of ideas-

(Ben saw my list and said they are all so cheesy. yes, they are cheesy, but they are fun!)

I personally am going with the jolly rancher idea this year. feel free to copy! after all, I got the idea from somewhere out in cyber world! so fun. (as long as I can find some! just not at my grocery store!)


Andrea said...

awesome. I was just thinking I need to come up with some gifts and was going to look on the internet for ideas. Thanks for sharing!
There's some good ones.

Lynn said...

Hey thanks for the ideas! I will add them to my gift file. So fun!

P.S. Oh and if you want even more about this list as well..........

Joanne said...

I am all over that extra dough for christmas idea. genius.

Marcia said...

Great bunch of ideas! Fun!