Monday, November 02, 2009

Saturday, October 31

we had a Jack in the box. get it? haha a sweet little red riding hood. (I need to share a picture of her with the little pantaloons I made to go along with this costume- so cute) she got so many comments while trick or treating about how cute she looked!
a vampire. scary.
and what is supposed to be Marie Antionette- it came with a white wig, but it looked a bit wonky, so we just went with an up do. I really should have gotten her a tiara- then she would be an obvious princess, but that is what most people thought, and it worked for us.

(there is a hoop in the skirt of the dress, so it stood out a bunch. pretty fun)

and lunch that day-
this is our usual halloween lunch. so fun.-
just cut up the bottom of the hotdog, into 8 pieces, then boil them, and they will curl up like this. so fun!
and here is some of the loot, all sorted and organized.

yummy chocolate bars. so delish.
what a great halloween- and it wasn't even too cold. hurray for that!


Marcia said...

Great costumes. Love "Jack in a box" good thinkin.

Andrea said...

how come I never knew about your great lunch? So cool!
Great costumes

Lynn said...

Great costumes!!

We are into sorting candy around here too. LOL!