Thursday, November 19, 2009


1. last night at dinner, we were talking about what the boys did at scouts the night before.
Jack said he learned about hypothermia, and hyperthermia. I asked what hyperthermia was, and Jack said it's when you are too hot, and you need medical help, and then Ben pipes in- then call me a doctor!
so funny.

2.Maggie asked me to make some playdough for her today, so I was making it,
and she was asking if I was doing it, then walked past me and saw that I was, and said- good mom.
silly girl.

3. in seminary there is a family that is consistently late. quite late actually.
so today when they came in, I said- you guys need to turn your clocks ahead 20 minutes,
and one kid said- that was rude-
and I was kind of confused about how that was rude- but just said- okay, your alarms need to be set earlier.

4. then I was sitting here at home and thought about what I should have said.
something about how coming in 20 minutes late to my class is rude.

5. why do I always think of these things so late?
darn it!

6. Maggie keeps asking me how many days there are until Christmas. Maybe we should have an advent that counts down from November instead of just December.

7. only 36 days left. just so you know. if your kid asks you!

8. what?! 36! that is not very many. and I have to think of a few birthdays between now and then.

9. Sadie wants to have a Hannah Montana party. but she has a few friends that are boys that we are going to invite. is that okay? will boys be annoyed? I am thinking we will play freeze dancing- to Hannah songs, of course, and I bought some guitar shaped papers that they will decorate and stuff. I do have a bunch of Hannah Montana stuff I picked up at the dollar store, and liquidation world, that I hope the boys will be okay with! I can think of one boy who will probably put up a stink, but the other 2 will be fine with it- I think. hmm.

10. another sewing night planned for tonight at my sisters house! can't wait! (I think the girls will love it!)

11. I spent the afternoon crafting and chatting with a sweet friend who I am "helping" make a dress for her adorable little girl. really I am just her moral support. but she was doing so great, and her dress is going to be so super cute!

12. and now we are off to another volley ball game. luckily it is local.

13. I made some cookies, but they taste a bit off. darn it. I hate that. a whole load of sugar and chocolate chips wasted. well, the kids say they taste fine. so I guess that is a good thing. for me. and my hips.


bknmkalhyland said...

What kind of sewing are you up to? I still haven't figured out anything for my girls for Christmas. 36 days isn't long enough!

Lynn said...

20 minutes late into your class is TOTALLY rude!

I would of said something ruder than what you did. Hee Hee.

I hate not thinking up something that fast at the moment too. Hopefully you can still give your response soon. It's a good one! ; D

Andrea said...

yikes! 36 days. Crazyness.