Monday, January 04, 2010

the coat that got away. x2.

so- I am sort of on the look out for a new winter coat.
my Sunday one I have had for many years.
my everyday one I picked up at a garage sale.
they are both okay still,
but getting old.
(kind of like me)
so, I am on the look out. for a cute one, for a great price.
because you just never know when you will find one.

but I found one.
at Goodwill the Saturday before Christmas.
it was longish, and grey,
and I saw a lady trying it on, and thought that it was a very cute coat.
so a bit later I walked down the coat aisle, and there it was. for $11. It even fit.
fabulous! It could be my every day and Sunday coat!
so, I hung it back up, just to try on a coat a bit down the aisle, to see if I liked it any better,
and along came that lady who was trying it on before and took it.
darn it all.
I followed her for a bit, to see if she was going to put it back, but she never did.
it was a sad time.

then, after christmas,
when Cory was on a cleaning rampage-
(when he is on one he cleans, and he cleans good.)
he was cleaning our room. and our closet.
and in the bottom was a bag from Reitmans, with some jeans that I had bought a long, long time ago, and had never ever worn, and the receipt was still there, so I headed to the store to get some money back, and get rid of some clutter- (love that!)
so, there was a bit of a line- three of us on one side.
the lady who was paying (lady #1) was asking if there was a clothing donation box around, and the lady in the middle (lady #2) said there was one by another store in the parking lot, and lady #1 said she was going to donate her coat that she had because it just never fit her right, and she was so done with it, unless someone else wanted it. so lady #2 tried on this super cute, nice coat, which unfortunately fit her very nicely, so she said she would take it.
darn it again.
one person away from a nice, free coat.

I have a feeling if I wait long enough, and keep looking, I will find it.
that fabulous, and cheap coat,
that is out there waiting for me.
when I find it, I will let you know.


Andrea said...

Augh. So close. Hope you find it.

Andrea said...

oops... i forgot to add that you just have to start praying for one. lol.

bknmkalhyland said...

That stinks that you missed out twice! I hope you do find THAT coat and it is even better than the first two almosts!!

bknmkalhyland said...

Oh I have to tell kids thought your Christmas card was hilarious!!!

Lynn said...

I'm with Andrea. Pray for one......I have a feeling it's just around the corner.

Post a pic when you two meet! ; D

Joanne said...

hee hee I still have nighmares about my own value village coat that got away. good luck may the coat be with you! ( someday!)