Thursday, January 14, 2010

13 things about yesterday

1. the olympic torch came through our city! pretty exciting.

2. so Maggie and I headed out to the route, and got a spot to see it.

3. it was chilly. not as cold as it has been, thank goodness, but chilly none the less.
4. Maggie decked out in red and white. a red and white dress, and red pants with white polka dots. how very patriotic. and funny.

5. the school kids all got bussed over to the route, so they could see it.
I thought that was great.
when I first heard it was coming I wondered if I should take my kids out of school to see it, but it turns out, I didn't have to! yay.
6. I think I see Jack in that picture, but I didn't know he was there at the time. the road was packed like this for a long ways. so, when it came close to the time, I saw a few people go out to the median, and I pulled Maggie out there with me. turned out to be not a very good idea.
7. so, the truck on the very left had some loud music, and some peppy young adults grooving out on top and waving. for the bank that is sponsoring the torch, or the olympics or something.
then the bus behind it held some of the torch runners. and you can see that it has the bank logo, and the coke logo. then the rest are all coke trucks.
about now I was thinking- is there a torch? really. crazy. advertising like crazy.

8. but then, there it was- the flame!
9. pretty cool. and the guys (and gals) who got to carry it didn't just pass the torch on, no, they all had their own holder,and just passed the flame along.
I didn't know that.

10. Ben said that if the runners wanted to keep the torch, they had to buy it. I don't know where he got that info, or if it is true. but it would be kind of cool to keep. I wonder how much they had to pay. if anything.

11. so, when we crossed to the median, the snow was deep, being that no one really ever goes out there, and snow got into Maggie's boot.

12. and being the great mother that I am she left the house with no socks on, so her feet were now freezing. and the mittens she had on were not the best.
mother of the year is lost for me this year!
so this is what she looked like from the time we crossed the median, till we got back to the van.
and sometime in the middle of that I was giving her a piggy back and slipped on the sidewalk. that was classy. good thing all the junior high kids who we had to stand and wait to pass were all gone, and only a couple of ladies saw us, and they were very kind.
how embarassing!
13. but we came home and had some fancy hot chocolate, and all was okay again.
what a day.


Andrea said...

So cool.
I'm apparently out of it and have no idea what's going down around these parts.
Glad I'm still up for the mother of the year. That was a close call.

Anonymous said...

Ben's right, if you want to keep your torch you have to buy it. I have no idea how much it is though.

Stephanie said...

fancy hot chocolate makes everything better!

Lynn said...

No. 10. YUp Ben is right. We read about a girl in our city that carried the torch and her family bought it for her and framed it in a montrous case for their living room wall. Cool.

Oh cost about $400.00 with tax. I think the family said they paid $500.00, but I can't find that story. Here's another one you might find interesting. They explain what the cost is, etc.