Friday, January 08, 2010

* just to let you know

* I went out yesterday (it was cold)
* I chatted with my friends at the post office ( they are nice to me)
* got the last Meg Cabot book in the series (and came home from book club to Cory half way through it- and him telling me I should really read better books, not just teen fluff- while he was reading it. I just laughed)
* it is warmer today. thank goodness.
* I put too much snow in the snow ice cream, but the kids all had seconds anyways
* life is good.


Lynn said...

It's finally just starting to warm up here too. I am So done with winter already. And it's only been a few weeks. : S

Kayli said...

Brett always is a book snob to me too--and he didn't even like to read before he married me and I got him into it!!

And tell me how to make snow something-I-forgot-what-it-was-called. I wonder if they have sweetened condensed milk in Switzerland. Probably not. I love that stuff.

That post about the two almost coats was soooooo heart-rending. I almost cried for you.