Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday again?

so, what's up?

1. I haven't left the house in a day and a half. I don't think I will have to leave it today at all.
but tomorrow, I will have to go out. a bit weird. but a lot nice.

2. seminary is on hold for 2 weeks, due to the high school being on exam week now.
and let me tell you, I am loving having no seminary. I could get very used to this. I am so happy we have next week off too. but don't tell my class this. no way!

3. my kids tell me that hot chocolate tastes better when you make it in a pot. I am not sure why, but I agree, it does. so sometimes I will make a pot of it for when they come home from school.
sometimes I am a really good mom.
4. I love the hot chocolate from the church cannery. yummy. and good price. if you have the means, I highly recommend it.

5. Ben just signed up to deliver the local paper. they were dropped off today, and need to be delivered. we will see if he will keep the route or not.

6. we had a route a couple of years ago, all of us did it together. it was okay, but the paper would come, and each flyer separately, so you would have to load all of the flyers into the paper, or into bags. around christmas time when there are a ton of flyers, it was a big pain.
now they come all stuffed with flyers- you just have to put the sports section into the paper. way better!

7. earlier this week my kids were running around crazy.
that is nothing new.
they are crazy kids.
and Jed was hiding behind the girls door,
and Ben was pushing on the girls door, squishing Jed,
then this happened.
8. Ben said he doesn't know his own strength.
and the door wasn't put on well.
I say he is a pain and needs to stop torturing his brothers.

9. I put Maggie in her room yesterday when she was having a major fit, and went to shut the door, but couldn't. I forgot it isn't attached anymore.

10. man, this house has so many little things that need to be done. yikes. I think I might need to buck up and start fixing them myself! scary stuff.

11. Sadie wants to learn how to knit.
I want her to learn how to knit! she can knit some hats and help me keep up with etsy. that would be sweet. but she's not the quickest at picking up on things, and I am not the most patient teacher, so we shall see.

12. alright, now that Thursday is almost over, I guess I should get this posted, and get on with things!

13.have a very happy Thursday!


Andrea said...

I do love that hot chocolate too. yum.
You have strong kids! wow.

Kayli said...

doesn't know his own strength. HA ha. that's good.

bknmkalhyland said...

I sent you a Christmas card about a week before Christmas. It just was returned to my mailbox saying that you moved? I don't think you did, Maybe I had the address wrong. Just wanted to let you know that I did think of you! email me with you address again if you have a minute. Thanks