Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this is normal

guess what-
if you look in your refrigerator manual-
under the trouble shooter section,
and you see under the problem section- 'orange glow in the freezer'
and then you look under possible causes- and it says 'defrost heater is on'
and then under what to do it says 'this is normal'

so then, you clean it out really good, because it is empty,
because last night some nice young men came and moved the fridge you have out in your garage- just because, and that is sitting in your dining room.
good times.
then you move all the food back in, and are so thankful that you didn't have to pay some repair person a bunch of money to tell you that you are a fool!

and you really hope that the extra fridge that is in the dining room doesn't stay there too much longer.

let that be a lesson to you.
orange glow in the freezer is normal.
but at least now my fridge is super clean,
and no more yucky leftovers in it.
and that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't have freaked out over the orange glow.
so all is well that ends well.


Andrea said...

That's normal? Weird.
Glad you got a clean freezer/ fridge out of the deal.
Hope the other one moves soon.

Stephanie said...

few things come close to a clean fridge!

Lynn said...

I'm with Andrea!! That is normal?? I would of freaked!

Glad to hear it's normal.. I probably would of gone straight to a repairman and wasted my time and money. Good on you for reading the manual first for us. : D

Anonymous said...

That's just funny Kristi! And only because I think everyone of us would have had the same response you did!

darlene said...

Kristi I love reading your blog. It makes me smile and even laugh out loud sometimes. Its so "my" life very often. And WOW on your blogger frined making 44 quilts last year. I made nine and three more tops and I thought I was doig fantastic.