Wednesday, January 06, 2010

work it, girl!

we had a fun time last weekend.
after a long drive down south,
we got to have fun with lots of family.
(it was Grandpa's birthday, so we got together to partay!
so, while we were at the school gym- (the only place in town big enough to hold us all!) the kids were sitting against the wall waiting for their turn to be pushed on a little wheely cart by a sweet big cousin.
I saw Maggie holding hands with her two cousins, and thought it was very cute, so I pulled out the camera- and got her attention-
picture one-
picture two-
picture 3-
she is working the camera.
and those two cousins on either side of her didn't even move a muscle.
I think it is so so so funny!
(and cute Matthew is just watching and smiling!)
I LOVE it!
so fun for our kids to have so many cousins their age to play with-
growing up I only had a few, and they were all older than us, or younger than us, so we never had anything like this!
love it.


Lynn said...

ha ha. She is definitely working the camera. Love it. : D

Andrea said...

that's so hilarious. Go mags.

Joanne said...

that was really cute and so is Maggie. any pics of my kiddlets????

shelleyjanae said...

So funny. She makes me laugh... and it is even better due to the other girls not moving at all. Love it. Thanks for sharing.