Tuesday, January 12, 2010

smoking hot!

so, Maggie and I just got back from buying groceries.
good times.
and I was putting the food away.
always fun.
while putting things away in the freezer, I was hearing a strange spitting sound.
(kind of like water when it hits a fire.)
and then I notice the back of the freezer is glowing orange.
this cannot be good.
so in a panic, I do what I always do-
call Cory.
he said to unplug the fridge.
isn't he so smart?
and he will look at it when he gets home.
( hopefully he is as handy as he is handsome!)
I hope it is nothing serious,
but I am thinking it probably is.
I mean, the freezer was practically on fire.
I think I will eat some ice cream.
wouldn't want that to go to waste, now would we?
see, it's not all bad.


Andrea said...

Best be eating the icecream I say.

jessica said...


Joanne said...

that sucks! but at least you got to eat ice cream, and everything else in your freezer!