Monday, May 21, 2007

ah, the great outdoors.

good times.
so glad we had that trailer-
with a heater.
even cooked microwave popcorn.
that is how camping should be!
this picture is the girls in the top bunk.
we thought we would get them both to sleep up there together, because cory was having a little Settlers party on the table that night, with a couple of the guys. it didn't really work, ( the girls sleeping in the bunk together) but fun for them to hang out up there!
We went thursday night, Friday was an okay day, a bit chilly- sweaters required, but Saturday- oh my.
very very cold. so grateful for that heated camper on that day, let me tell you! Sunday was beautiful, so we came home. haha. of course. but while cory packed the trailer up I took the kids to the beach. it was nice. no one else there, I even took my sweater off a couple of times. the kids caught leeches, snails, and ladybugs. well, the boys did. good times.

right off our campsight was a path down to the lake. Maggie could not get enough of throwing rocks in the water. I heard that request from her so many times. frow wocks in wata?

then the girls on a log by the lake where we went to throw rocks in the water.

glad we came home on Sunday, so I could spend all day today doing laundry!
I did get some onions planted in my little garden. the kids will appreciate that! haha. we went and got some new window coverings for our new windows! man. costly stuff for some fabric with tabs. Cory said I can sew some if they don't look homemade. hmm. I'll see what I can do. tomorrow- curtains for the girls room. yay.


Shelley said...

So fun. What would camping be without rain or coldness. It is a given. Glad you had fun. We will have to chat.

Andrea said...

Looks like fun even in the cold.
What's wrong with home made looking curtains?? too funny.