Tuesday, May 29, 2007

happy day.

the girls had their first swimming lesson this morning. Sadie was up with the dawn, she was so excited. I think she is in a level higher than she should be, but I wanted her in the same time as I had to go in with Maggie. we shall see how she does. so far so good. they both loved it.

in front of our house is a tree that blossoms with the most beautiful pink flowers. I wanted to get a picture last year, but before I could, a big wind came and blew them all away. so I took Maggie out, and htis is one of them. crazy kissy lips!
this picture is for Kayli. I did make a bag, a while ago. with some fabric I got at an old peoples lodge big sale for a cheap price, and I love it. it is so funky. I use it for a purse, and it fits lots of stuff. I still need to sew a button on it so I can shut it, and not lose all that stuff that is crammed in there!

the other day I was eating some cucumbers, and just wondered what the deal was with putting them on your eyes, so I tried it, and it felt very cool, and relaxing. I would recommend it! so, of course Maggie had to try too. what a crazy girl. she is so funny.

so, here she is posing in front of the tree,
and the next picture is her on our front steps by the bleeding heart bush we have going on there. I made the mistake of pulling one of the flowers off to tell the kids the story, which I couldn't really remember, except that it has slippers and a dagger at the end, so now Maggie has to pull a flower off each time we walk past it. poor plant will have no flowers soon. We had better start using the back door more.

and because I am not so good with computers, and accidentally down loaded it twice, you all get to see that picture again. lucky you.

tonight is my last seminary class. wow. I have a few kids who are so very close to passing, I really hope they have lessons to hand in to me tonight, as Friday is the deadline, and that would be sad for them not to pass when they are so close. the Bishopric is putting on a BBQ for the seminary kids- the early morning ones too, then we are going to have an auction with the seminary bucks they have earned for coming, and learning scrupture mastery and doing their lessons. some of the kids have a lot of money. should be good!


Andrea said...

nice tree. Very pretty.
And I love the bag!! So cute.
Never tried the cucumbers- have to try it.

Joanne said...

i miss those beautiful Edmonton area trees in bloom. Your bag is way cute!!!

Kayli said...

Your bag is super cute! woohoo.
That cucumber picture of Maggie made me laugh.
I don't think I've ever heard the bleeding hearts story. Kids are like that---do one thing one time, and then they keep doing it over and over. Like the other day Hazel ran out into the rain and was splashing through all the puddles getting her pants and shoes all wet, and I looked out and said, "Who taught her to do that?" and Jethro said, "Umm, I think you did Mom." hmmmm.
You have a very pretty tree! Cute for kissing under. :)