Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday's thirteen

1. pretty sad when one can't remember ones password to log into her blog.

2. set my timer for 42 minutes this morning and cleaned my kitchen real good. it smells lysol fresh in there. aaahhh.

3. I bought some flowers at the store yesterday to plant into planters. why you ask? I ask that too. I will give it a try. this year I will water them. but first I need to plant them. FYI I am a plant killer. I am trying to change.

4. I like my digital camera, I really do, but I miss the days of taking the pictures, and printing them off, and what you see is what you get. I am trying to get those wedding pictures done and given to the couple, but my oh my, editing them is not so fun. if I knew what I was doing in photoshop I think I would enjoy it more. must spend some time reading, and understanding the manual. or maybe take a class somewhere. I learn much better when I am shown how to do things. me and manuals= not so good together.

5. so, I finished sewing the girls curtains. right now I am trying to bleach then a bit to soften the colors. I think I saw that done on someones blog. so far it's not making much of a difference, but I don't really know what I am doing.

6. sitting and watching Jed play soccer last night I thought I was going to freeze. I had long johns on. I mean really! long johns, and wrapped up in a blanket, and I was still cold. but this morning I heard it is snowing in Calgary, so I guess I should be happy.

7. book club tonight, and I am about half done the book. I guess I will be doing a bit of reading today!

8. I made some rolls last night- with the recipe from this blog. they were yummy. I think I might have to try a few other recipes from there. yum-o!

9. If you need a very good blog to read, go here. I laugh so hard. she is a good writer- tells some great stories, and her recipes are pretty good too.

10. have I told you about the snails? I am not sure if I have. well, in brief, Jed got two snails for the fish tank a while ago, and they laid eggs, and we had a ton of baby snails, and now there are tree babies left, as well as the two big ones, and now there are more eggs. hmm. I wonder if I can find a recipe for escargot? just kidding. yuck.

11. I was thinking that I really should try to stop eating sugar so much- cut down a lot, but maybe not today- that leftover icecream cake in the freezer is calling to me. maybe tomorrow I will try to have no sweets. maybe.

12. so, monday was a holiday, and monday is usually our garbage day, but usually on holidays you skip and move to the next day, so we didn't put our garbage out, and kind of laughed at the people that did, but really, it was garbage day, so now we have lots of stinky garbage in our can at the back. yuck. the joke was on us. ha ha.

13. so, I was asked to watch a pilot for a sitcom, and I figured they would want my opinion on it, and when the called to ask me about it, they asked like a million questions about one of the commercials that was on. wow. that was weird. then they asked about 5 questions about the show. hmm. it wasn't an exceptionally good show anyways. good for a few laughs I guess. Jed said it should be a real show, and he would watch it. so there, opinion guys. my seven year old liked it.

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Andrea said...

sad for your stinking garbage. Our day moved to the next day. hmmmm..
Good luck finishing the book. yea for clean kitchens.