Tuesday, May 01, 2007

what a day

went downtown this morning- before the kids were even up

had to go get a passport.

I don't know who's big idea this was-

a passport to get into the states. rediculous.


since I have some big plans in store to visit the states I had to get one.

so I stood in line for about an hour,

then got a number and had to sit for about 3 more hours waiting for my number to be called,

then I was done in 5 minutes.

good thing I took a book with me

too bad I finished it in the second hour.

but at least- in 3-4 weeks, I should be good to go with my hot little passport in hand, for my trip -now in July- to Virginia, NYC, and now my trip includes a wedding in Chicago. I don't know the people getting married, but hey, it's a wedding in Chicago. I am game.

swim club starts tonight.

the dropping off and picking up. fun stuff. Ben is the only one who wants to join this year. I will have to see if I can convince the other boys.

soccer for Jed starts tomorrow.

usually my kids are in nothing. - except 2 of them in piano, which they walk to.

and they have informed me they will not be taking lessons next year.

I like not driving around everywhere.

but that is over- for a while.
and lest you think I scrapbook no more, here is a page I did, with a cute picture of my cute girls, by my friend Shellie.


Andrea said...

love the scrapbook page. Wanna come do some for me?
so jealous of your trip. I so want to go too. good times!
Ya, i enjoy the not driving around. maybe you can hire a chauffer. lol.

Talia said...

i know, all this passport stuff is crazy. what's ridiculous is the fact that even babies need one. what the heck is that?? we got ours in less than a month, though, so it least that part doesn't take too long!!