Saturday, May 12, 2007


I tried so many times to get on this blog to update it, but something was going on, that I couldn't get on, but this time I tried and it worked, so here it is!

I was so excited the other day to vacuum my bedroom, and all I had to move was an empty laundry basket. wow. that was nice!

if now I could get the rest of the house in that condition.

that would be super nice.

took pictures of the wedding.

it was scary, and fun, and good.

it was very sunny though, and there were shadows. gotta work with that.

learned a lot.

here's one.

good times.

well, we have a bit of sibling rivalry happening here.

Ben and Jed have clashed for a long time.

a morning last week, they were at it, neither of them letting it drop,

till Ben had reached his breaking point and threw a cup at Jed.

it was just a plastic cup, but the force it was flying at cut Jed's head and cut it open nicely.

Cory managed to come home, and spent the morning in the emergency with him while he got stitches.

such fun . I really don't know what to do about these boys.

yep. crazy stuff.

and a couple more fun ones.
I have lots of editing to do.
wish I knew photoshop better.


Andrea said...

very nice photos. Love it!
Oh... good old sibling rivalry. Good times.
And yea for your clean room. You so should win. Wish mine was still clean. so sad.

Kayli said...

Good what CAN you do when the lighting is harsh (besides trying to find shade)?

I was just thinking that you hadn't written much about your boys for awhile, then you obligingly wrote a very GOOD story. ;)
And just think, they'll be *BEST* friends after their missions.
Happy Mother's Day.