Thursday, May 03, 2007

thirteen for thursday

1. I was reading on someones blog and they said they were having a laundrypalooza that day at their house. I think I could use that term for what is going on here- all laundry all day! sounds fun, huh?
not really.

2.Sadies kindergarten class is having a special lady spa day on may 11- for mothers day- sounds so good- manicures, massages, hairdos- wow. sadly that is the afternoon of the wedding I get to be the photographer for- so I have to miss it. my sister Jill is kind of happy about that- because she gets to be Sadie's special lady for the day. wah.

3. this saturday is national scrapbook day. I think you all should check out 2peas in a bucket that day. ;)

4. I think after I finish this post I will pull out the sewing machine and sew a bag. yep, I think so.

5. so, I am hoping to barbecue stuff for supper tonight- chances are good that it will be raining then. it is so grey and humid out there- right at supper time, I am sure it will start.

6. Cory has been busy putting up insulation down in the basement. One small step for the basement reno, one large leap for ... hmm. for what, I don't know.

7. he is planning on going out tonight to help a friend of his build a house. scary- Cory building. at least the guy knows what he is doing. he can teach Cory a thing or two!

8. Cory got hooked on the Settlers of Catan craze. not really a craze I guess, but nonetheless, he is hooked. a good game, fun, challenging. not too hard, but sadly I have not won, the whole 3 times I have played it. I might never play it again. but come on over, and Cory would love to play with you!

9. debating whether or not to commit myself to yet another challenge- stacy Julians spring into action challenge. good stuff in there. eating healthier, more exercise. I love the one day free to eat what you want- that is something I would need. hmm. check it out. tell me what you think. a good thing, no doubt!

10. just have to say- chocolate. so good. whoever invented that, or discovered it, or perfected it- pure genius. love it.

11.found my bag of no-name oreos half gone and got mad. those darn kids- getting into the treats all the time- so Cory figured he better get them while he could, and finished them off. then the next day I commented to the kids about it, and they said Grandma gave them some when she was here watching them, while I was off getting my passport. oh, well if Grandma said you could. okay.

12. alright, gotta catch up on some smallville episodes- the kids have watched a few on nights when I was out, so I am going to put that on and pull out the machine- and make a bag.

13. but, I will still be listening for that washer and dryer to quit, so I can reload them, and keep them going- party on!


Kayli said...

Yeah, well, I've probably played Settlers of Catan 15 or 20 times and I've never EVER won. Ruff.

I'm so with you on chocolate. Mmmmm.

Andrea said...

Hope your laundry was as fun as it sounded.
Sounds like a good challenge. I'm going to try it, but I'm too scared to really commit.
yea for insulation! you're on your way.