Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's rocket launch day today!

the elementary school our kids go to has a rocket club. I think it all started with the last principal, who retired a year or two ago. the principal now was the vice principal for a while, but he is retiring this year, so who knows if they will have it next year.
anyways. it was rocket day today. Bens last year. here he is ready to push the button after the count down.

this is maggie plugging her ears - it is a bit noisy when 5 rockets go off at once. but not too noisy.

this is Ben with his blasted off rocket. it is called a sky writer. kind of funny since it looks like a pencil.
and the girls enjoying the shade. hot day today.

Jack finishing his popsicle and waiting to launch his rocket.
Maggie enjoying a cold one!
Jack with his blasted off one. it was a bit breezy up high. A few went into trees, and neighbors yards. good times.
so, in keeping with thursday 13, I will give you 13 things I am doing this week, or have done this week:
1. had my last seminary class. must get attendance in by tomorrow. must do it.
2. booked my flight to NYC! so excited. gotta pull out a map, and see where we are going and what we must see! Kayli- any Chicago area must see stuff? we will be there for a day or so too!
3. started knitting a boy hat a while ago. I will finish it this week. or I will try anyways. almost too hot to knit. we shall see.
4. last night I watched The Lake House. pretty good movie. a few things I was confused with- they were conversing through letters, then there were scenes where they were in different locations on split screen, but just talking to each other. that was weird. but cute show.
5. will get my room back to the clean state it was a while back. just a bit of stuff around that really shouldn't be there. I will deal with that today.
6. made fresh guacamole. yum. maybe I'll have some of that after I clean my room. a nice reward.
7. I scrapped while I watched the movie last night. that was nice. haven't done that in a while. I'll try and post a couple on 2peas.
8. I will turn off the game cube and send my kids outside. much to their dismay. I am the mom, and I can do that.
9. I went to Womens conference at BYU many years ago, and that is one thing that I took notes of- something to the effect that you are the mom, you can turn off the tv. so true. but it is easier to let them watch, know what I mean?
10. I wasn't originally supposed to babysit tomorrow, but the dad took an extra shift, so I get the girls tomorrow, and I am okay with that, because that means I can have a bit more money to spend in New York, or where ever I want- maybe Target, or Joannes, or Kohls. hmm. any more shifts he needs to take?
11.I think I will try to hit a few garage sales this weekend. I picked up a little basic sewing machine, that I think Sadie will be getting for Christmas, last weekend. I still need to pull it out, but I am pretty sure it is new in the box. I love finding stuff like that for Christmas and birthday presents, and I am glad that my kids are the type that don't really care if it is new in the package stuff.
12. Maggie is loving her swimming lessons. today they jumped off the edge, while holding our hands. and she kept saying again, again. she didn't like getting her face dunked in the water though.
13. my flowers in the pots are doing well, I have remembered to water them daily. I think I might even go out and get a few more. I need to get some tomato plants too. love toasted tomato sandwiches with tomatoes right from the garden. yumm.

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Andrea said...

what fun pictures. yea for your plants being alive still.
and hope you got that room to it's nice state. mine needs help too.