Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 13

1. We are getting new windows put in our house right now! yay. they are nice. our house smells like caulking. not nice.

2.we are going camping- which is a good thing since our house smells like caulking.

3.we are borrowing our friends trailer- yay. sad that we couldn't find ourselves a fabulous one, but lucky that they offered to let us use theirs! I am hoping Cory will get hooked and want our own really bad. hmm. we shall see.

4. when I dropped the babysitee off at playschool this afternoon, one of the moms was saying she heard someone else saying that they heard it is supposed to snow on Monday. what?

5. my best friends sisters boyfriends brothers girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who saw Ferris pass out at 31 flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious. ( my number 4 reminded me of that. had to write it in.) my passport a couple of days ago. I am good to go to NYC! and Virginia, and Chicago- and maybe a stop in DC. now I just have to fork over the big bucks and book a flight, and beg someone to watch my kids. hee hee.

7. I took Jed to soccer last night- one of these times I'll take some pictures- he loves it! anyways, yesterday was hot, so we went there with a blanket to sit on, and hats to keep the sun out of our eyes, - well, here when there are hot days, we have thunderstorms at night, so saw a few flashes, heard some thunder, then a big wind started blowing, and it was by the new part of town, so lots of dirt to blow around, then it started raining, then it stopped , and the sun came out, and they played through it all. funny.

8. the misquitos are insane around here. everywhere. yuck. so it was nice when the wind and rain came, they went away, but when the sun came out, they were back.

9. I printed off a bunch of the wedding pictures to put in an album for the couple, and I am really not impressed. they look off. the color, or something. I am hoping it was where I got it developed and not me, but it could be me. not good.

10. the window guys were out for lunch, but they are back now, so it will be noisy, I hope Maggie will sleep through it.

11. Sadie wants to invite her kindergarten teacher over for lunch. is that and okay thing? or weird? I am not sure. we just live across the street from the school, so she could just run over. I don't know what to do. any advice?
could be fun to plan a little fancy lunch. maybe if I invited a couple of other girls and their moms? what do you think?

12. well it was hot today, but now I see the clouds coming in. maybe another thunderstorm. that would be fun camping in! we have like no rain gear. maybe now is the time!

13. well, I guess I should get packing. hope I don't forget anything important. chocolate and marshmallows. check. we are good to go!


Shelley said...

ha ha! Good ol' Ferris. I don't know about the teacher thing. Could be fun... I certainly wouldn't want to but there is a big difference between my students and Sadie. You can always ask, and she can decide!! Have fun camping... although the real fun will be this summer with the Ultimate Road trip 2007. Yippee!!

Andrea said...

So jealous of your trip. Love Ferris.
Hope your windows are great.
I say no for the teacher thingy. But I'm a grouch and crazy. Tell Sadie to make the teacher a lunch and take it to her. That'd be cute.