Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy National Scrapbook day!

and what a day it is! check out this! what a great surprise!
I had such fun with that page!
and if you haven't been to two peas- let me guide you there-
I was chosen by a sweet garden girl- Amy Grendell to be highlighted in the user gallery!
and if you can't find me- I will help you out- look here.
that was fun!
I am secretly hoping I might make it to a scrapbook store today, but it is not looking too good, maybe I can scrap some tonight.
that would be fun too.
MAggie is napping, so I am going to nap too, then we will catch up with the rest of the fam at an activity at the church.
stayed up too late watching handsome Denzell Washington in Deja vu. I had to ask too many questions, but once I figured it out, it was a good show.


Kayli said...

Kristi---you're practically a Garden Girl!!!! hee hee. I *love* your scrapbook pages. In fact, years ago-the last time I was in Canada-you had left some pages at Aunt LaVerle's house and I photocopied them to lift sometime. That was before I knew you uploaded to 2peas. And I'm so glad you do!
I wish I knew how to embroider those little flowers and things. So cute.
I need to get scrapbooking! Haven't for so long! I just take a bajillion pictures and never scrap them. Anyway, rambling, congrats on your win and your GG referral. (I was hoping you would write something on your blog today!)
Did you make your bag?

Andrea said...

Yea! You're a star. Practically famous. I can say I knew you when...

Congrats. Hopefully you'll be a scrapbook star soon. And you can be rich. lol. I think you do great pages. In fact I'm going to hire you out in the future. You go!