Wednesday, May 16, 2007

as promised-

here is Ben's newspaper article he wrote for mothers day. such a funny guy. it is mostly true- except the part about the ambulance. I just drove him. and I don't think i was nervous. and I wasn't really babysitting- just watching some kids- without pay, so that doesn't really count, right? and it wasn't really that serious- they just bandaged it up.and he neglected to mention that the principal was so incredibly helpful- carried Ben to the van, then followed us to the hospital, then stayed with us, and carried him to the house. such a great guy. we were sad when he retired the next year. or maybe it was that year. I have a very bad memory. my favorite part is the picture- the doctor saying that Ben is going to miss some school and me saying- why me? so funny. I love school, I love the break from children I get when they are gone! them being home throws me off. anyways, other than all that stuff, it is all true!
so, our little tent trailer had a leak in the roof, and over the winter a lot of water got in, so it is not so nice inside, but after scrubbing it out yesterday, I think it is somewhat useable- though as I remind Cory all the time it sleeps 6, and we are 7- so, we have been looking for a larger camper, and kind of in a rush, since we are hoping to go camping this weekend- for the last 3 years a bunch of families in the ward have gone camping together on the May long weekend. anyways, the point of my story is that Cory was making some phone calls last night, and someone called him, not really knowing how he got Cory's number, and Cory has no idea either, he doesn't think he was one of the people he called- I think it is destiny calling. haha. anyways, that got me thinking about back when I did phone calls for Fabricland- they call all their members and tell them about upcoming sales, and being that I am a stay at home mom and welcome any extra income, I did it- for a measly $0.25 per call, but hey, money is money, and without fail, those evenings after making the calls I would always get a couple calls back saying- someone was calling here- oohhhh. that drives me crazy. I can see calling if my number was on your call display a few times, but I am sure I only called once a day. get an answering machine. sheesh. anyways. had to vent. thanks .
anyways, apparently it is supposed to rain this weekend, so now I get to decide whether or not we should go. great. no fun if it does rain, but those weather men aren't always right. right?

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Andrea said...

Ya... hate the "someone from your number was calling".
Love the article. So cute. Such funny kids you have.
Good luck on the deciding if you should go. You can always go and come back.
Although I think you definetly should not use that mold infested trailer. You'll all get sick and die and then I'll be sad. Or worse.. you could have all your kids home to recover.