Tuesday, May 20, 2008

happy campers?

so, our trip started out with a bang!
after having issues with the water tanks in our trailer, we kind of decided not to go, then, late Friday morning we thought, heck, let's go anyways, so we quickly packed all the stuff in, and headed out.

first stop- a gas station in town to fill the trailer tanks up with propane. no propane. okay.

so we head on out. and stop at a gas station in a small town to use their facilities, and get propane there. that's where it all happened. something went wrong with Cory's thinking, his foot was where it shouldn't have been, and bang! blood everywhere.
so, we went to the nice little hospital. where he sat, and got a few stitches.
while the kids and I ate the popcicles that were in the freezer of the trailer!

but he was okay, so we kept on going, and had a good weekend. it was the best weather we have ever had on a May long weekend- we have gone to this place for about 3 years now. it is usually very cold. not so this time!

it just wouldn't be camping without those archie comics.
and Cory took it easy. poor guy.

had some beach time. isn't she cute.

and of course threw many rocks into the water.
good times were had by all.


Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! It seemed that someone just wasn't going to let you guys get out for the weekend. Crazy!

Glad to see that Corey is okay and that you all had a good time anyway.

Andrea said...

crazyness. I think Cory just wanted to have a relaxing weekend and not do anything except put his feet up. haha. Glad he's ok and all was well.

Anonymous said...

what happened? i need more details! it was beautiful weather here too. we actually got to enjoy it on Mon after we were done our church responsibilities- steve had ym camp and i had beehive camp- but by Mon we were home! Yeah! glad you ended up having a good weekend. Leanne