Thursday, May 08, 2008

not quite..

so, I didn't quite get thirteen projects done, but I will share with you what I did do this last week!

1. finally put my 9 be's into the frame my father-in-law made, put a hanger on the back and hung it up. It feels very good to have that up, and is a great reminder to my family.

2. I bought a composter, put it together- mostly by myself, and have started putting our kitchen scraps into it. I love that some of our garbage can turn into something that will be so good to help more good things grow.

3. okay, this isn't really something I did, but I will share. I stopped at Walmart yesterday, looking for something that I couldn't find. sadly. but then I saw these boxes of honey nut cheerios for $2. I thought that was a good price, so I picked up 4 of them. then when I was going through the check out they rang in at $1. what? awesome. sadly, I had to go home right then because we were having the missionaries over for supper, and I had to make it still. so anyways, I got to go back later in the evening and picked up 5 more boxes. love seeing them lined up in my new food storage room! breakfast for a couple of weeks,anyways!

4. put some binding on this quilt that some relief society sisters made to give to the yw who are moving up.

6. luckily I had made a whole lot of binding when I was finishing up this plaid quilt, and had enough left over for the yw quilt! 2 for 1! love it.

7. and that is about all I did this last week.- well, for big projects anyways. I mean, there is always the laundry, and cleaning and dishes, and all that- that I did, of course!

8. Cory got 4 bookshelves put up on our 'library' wall, and we need to head back to IKEA to get 2 more. the boys don't think we have enough books to fill up even one of them, but I think we have enough for at least two! haha.

9. I get to take a first aid course on Saturday. should be good. I guess being that my house is always full of kids, I should know what to do if something should happen. the last time I took first aid was at Ricks. I remember when we had to watch a slide show of different accidents and cuts and stuff, and this cute guy fainted. so funny.

10. oh, I forgot about this. the sweater for my new neice, or nephew is now done. so he or she can come now. really. I am sure it's mom is more than ready. I think if it is a boy, I will stich a little star on it, and if it is a girl, a little heart.
11. I was worried that it might be to warm for a little baby to be wearing around now, but then I was reminded that we live in Canada, and it is still cold, and I think the little baby might need a cozy sweater to keep it warm on these cold, 5 degree spring days.
12. although I did hear that it is supposed to be 20 degrees on Tuesday. hurry up tuesday, and sun. I am ready for you.
13. I was reading the instructions again for how to finish the sweater I am knitting for Jack, and I think I get it now. so that will be my next project to finish. I was thinking I would give it to him for Christmas, but it has taken me so long to finish, that I don't think it will fit him for long, and I had better give it to him as soon as it is done!


Andrea said...

Love the sweater. By tomorrow (hopefully) will be a baby. So you can come see that baby and go to Ikea for your shelves. heehee.
You got lots done. wow.
Great composting.

Shelley said...

Very fun. Great deal on the cereal. I love when you get a better deal then what you thought... but I hate when that happens because if I knew things were cheaper, I would buy things that I think are too expensive. Does that make sense?

Lynn said...

LOL! to NO. 9
Thanks for sharing the pic of NO. 10! Been waiting to see it. SO cute! You certainly have the talent.