Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have a friend who is a photographer. I am just a wannabe photographer, but she is a real true to life one.
so this friend of mine called me yesterday morning, wanting to take pictures of Maggie. well, who am I to refuse some pictures by a real photographer. so we went. then later that day, I wanted to take Sadie out, and try my hand at it, so I called her, just to see if she would be interested in some shots of Sadie.

and she was, so we went out, and while she took some pictures of Sadie, I took more of Maggie. so much fun. If you want to see her work, and some of Maggie, go here and got to enter site, then to portfolio, then to terrific kids, and you will see Maggie in there. she does some good work.

I had Maggie stand in this window sill. she was a bit nervous. funny girl.

and the day before I went to see my new little nephew again, and gave him the sweater. and just in time for those few rainy days we had. cute little fellow.

This one is a bit fuzzy, but I still like it.
He's such a sweetie. gotta go!


Lynn said...

Oh I LOVE your pictures too. I really like the one of Maggie on the window sill.

Gorgeous Baby sweater too! Looks so warm and cuddly.

Marcia said...

Great kid pics. The baby sweater came out so very nice.

Andrea said...

cute baby!! And the girls too.

jessica said...

Ok, no one is mentioning his name. cute little boy...what's his name?