Thursday, May 15, 2008


1. had to go shopping in the morning for our camping trip. I got the hot dogs and the shtuf for smores, (I absolutely adore Sadie's little lists she writes all the time!) but I did forget the miny cereal boxes. sadly I was looking at the word miny- knowing that wasn't right, but could not think of the right way to spell it. Ben helped me out. it's mini. in case any of you have the same problem as I do!

2. the David Thompson Brigade was passing through our town yesterday.
so all the boys got to go on field trips to the big event in the afternoon. Jed actually came home sick before lunch, but miraculously felt better, so Maggie and I took him to the field trip place.
and I am so very glad we did.

3. we got to make butter in baby food jars by shaking up whipping cream and then eat it on crackers. yum.

4. got to go on rides on horse drawn carts.

5. got to pump water, then have races carrying the buckets.

6. three legged races, and tug of wars, and egg on the spoon races, and all sorts of fun old games like that.

7. got to do laundry on wash boards. gee- getting them to just put it in the washer and turn it on doesn't seem so bad now, does it!

8. the got to cook bannock on a fire, and have homemade icecream. yummy.
9. then I thought Sadie should experience it all, so we all went back after school, but some of the things were shut down.
10. so Sadie and Jed got to saw some wood.
11. and we got to be there when all the canoes came rowing down the river. such a fun thing. a bunch of people are re-enacting the trip David Thompson took- he was an early explorer. they are canoeing from rocky mountain house to somewhere in Ontario. I think the end date is sometime in July. wow!
12. then Sadie and I got to go see the local high school's production of Beauty and the Beast. it's not my favorite Disney show, but it was well done, and Sadie loved it!

13. then we got home late, to find all the boys up watching a movie on tv, while Dad was out fixing the trailer so it could be ready to go out camping. but I got them off to bed saying they had better not be grumpy in the morning! and they did pretty good today!


Andrea said...

That's so fun.
Hope the trailer got fixed.

Lynn said...

What cool and FUN events! Makes for great memories with the kids.

Marcia said...

Sounds like a great day. Have fun camping. I love camping too.