Saturday, May 10, 2008

a star it is!

after a long grueling day, learning first aid with Ben-
we are both certified now, so that was all good
Cory came and picked us up,

and we headed to IKEA to get some hot dogs for our more picky children.
this is Maggie walking back to the car, holding tight to her pop.
Then we headed to Fatburger. nice name for a place, huh?
it was good. there Jack, Cory and I got a hamburger. just as good as homemade. so not really worth the big bucks, but a fun place to try out.
then we headed to Wendy's to finish off with Frosty's. we like to spread the wealth around. good times.

then, we got to go see my new little nephew.
so I guess I need to stitch a little star on the sweater just for him.
so sweet. glad he finally came!


Marcia said...

What a sweet new nephew!

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Lynn said...

Oh, he's beautiful!
HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to you and all the mom' s in your family!