Thursday, May 22, 2008


1. so, all day yesterday I kept having thoughts of things I need to write on my blog. I should know by now that I need to write these things down right away, because right about now, my mind is blank!

2. I will share this rug I have been crocheting. that 2 hour long American Idol helped it along nicely. It is made out of old shirts. so fun. I am making it to go in front of my washer and dryer. so, it needs to be really long. I love the bright colors in it! I might need to raid my kids drawers for more shirts! I think I got rid of some bright green ones a while ago. pity. those would look so great in this rug! but cutting those shirts up takes a while.

3. well, the basement is great. I need to go down there with my camera, and take you on a tour! we still need 2 more book shelves- the 4 we have down there already are pretty full. I knew we had a lot of books, but I am actually quite surprised.

4. although the baseboards are not on the walls, because I believe you must put door frames up first, they are at least finally not in the middle of my livingroom floor any more. yay!
5. here is one of the squares for Ben's quilt. it is a wonky log cabin-y square. so fun to sew all crazy like that. and cutting the squares so they are off a bit, so it is not all even. so liberating!

6. Cory thinks that there should be other colors in the quilt, since Ben's walls are a redish-orange, but I am sticking with red and orange.

7. I found the quilt top I am going to make for Jack's bed, and he approves. now I just need to finish Ben's first. so many ideas, so little time- or more likely too much time spent on the computer!

8. this is Mags, and her baby that she has named Matthew. he is sleeping on the rug. silly baby.

9.big plans to head over to my sisters and take some more pictures of her baby. so sweet. and I really want to try the sweater on him! hope it fits.

10. it is chillier today- it rained all day yesterday. perfect weather for a cozy sweater for a baby. club tonight. the book was Joy Luck Club. interesting. not one I probably would have read on my own, but isn't that the whole point of book club?

12. the lady who is hosting tonight lives in a town a bit away, so I was talking to one girl last night about who would go from here, that we should car pool in, and one name was mentioned, and she said she wasn't sure if she would come, since she probably didn't read it, because it wan't her type of book. I just chuckled. isn't that the whole point of book club? and you never know, I say. maybe that's your type, you just don't know because you have never tried it.

13. try it, you'll like it- or so yo gabba gabba says. what? you don't watch treehouse tv? well, try it, you'll like it!


Lynn said...


Love the rug! You have such great ideas. T-shirts cut up?! Who knew?! fantastic idea.

Andrea said...

Oh yes.. we do watch treehouse.
the sweater looks so good. Love it! I need one for this cold day.
Cute quilt and rug.

Anonymous said...

i love Ben's quilt-you are amazing!!