Thursday, March 26, 2009


1. our Relief Society is setting up a 5K run/walk on July 4. they gave us a training schedule to follow- to get to a point where we can run that far by then. Cory thinks it is funny and sad that we need so much help to do that. Really, he could go out and do 5K's on any given day. sadly I can not. and I think most of the ladies in our RS could not either.
anyways, my point is, I am right on schedule. and I am going to run the whole 5K on July 4th. even if it kills me. which it might.

2. is this not the cutest thing ever? I just knitted the hat and pants. Kayli did the rest of the work. so super cute!

3. last week it was like this.
then it got cold again. and snowed some more. now it is hovering just below 0, and supposed to snow more today- or tomorrow. yikes.

4. I remember back at the end of November when I was just aching for it to snow. yah. now I am wishing and hoping it will leave. and soon.

5. I saw this book at Michaels a while back. then I saw it at my library. I snatched it up. it is super cute. I just want to sew cute little animals on everything.

6. I bought this ring from hereI got it in the mail yesterday. it is perfect. I love it. it makes me happy!
go figure!
7. yesterday for supper I made pizza. I am not sure where we first had it, but now I like to make ham and pineapple pizza with alfredo sauce instead of pizza sauce. so yummy. that pizza went first.
I usually just put spagetti sauce from the jar as pizza sauce, but I had some real spagetti sauce- with meat and some onions, green peppers, and even some zucchini thrown in- much to my kid's dismay. anyways, I wondered how that would be on a pizza. well, let me tell you. it was good! I don't know if the kids thought so. maybe they were just full from all the other pizza, but I know what I am having for lunch! leftover spagetti sauce pizza. yum.
8. I also bought this card from here.
it reminds me of Peters in Calgary- all the birds that people would throw their french fries to.
They must have been very happy birds!
9. alright I have to speed this up, and get a move on.
10 on my list for today:
mail off a package
deposit some checks at the bank
hit the thrift store.- looking for a sheet for the back of another quilt, a blanket for the middle, and a fun glass jar to put some easter eggs in.
mop some floors
do some laundry- all the way to completion. no more baskets on my bedroom floor.
some more knitting- of course.
11. Cory was complaining that I never scrapbook any more. I thought that was funny. I love that he cares about it. I need to print off some pictures and get some pages done!
12. Spring break starts tomorrow! Friday off, then all next week off. I am only excited about sleeping in. the rest- not so sure. I think I need to come up with some fun stuff for us to do.
13. my computer time will be more limited with 5 other people around to share with for a week. yikes. whatever will I do!


Andrea said...

good thing you'll have another computer to use!
Cute that Cory wants you to scrapbook. What a husband!
Enough snow already!

Kayli said...

Yeah, I was thinking that was cool that Cory was thinking about scrapbooking too. But Brett has bugged me about whether or not I've tried out my new sewing machine.

Anyway, cute kid you have on your post today. :)

Shelley said...

Totally cute kid. Love his outfit.
yeah-I have a jar you can put your eggs in. Sheesh. You better believe I will be checking out that PBK after Easter.
And pretty sure I am the one who introduced you to the alfredo sauce on pizza- but you are the one who put the ham and pineapple on.
Maybe Cory should start scrapbooking. ha ha!
Enjoy the snow. :)

Lynn said...

1. Way to go!!! Good luck!
3. Cool! Nice!
7. I'm going to have to try all that. That sounds SO good!
8. LOL! I didn't know you were familiar with Peter's.
13. That's been my trouble THIS week. *sigh*

Andrea said...

No, I love the hat, but really, I can't make anything and Emeline won't keep anything on her body for more than one minute so I'd barely get one picture.

But--I did love it, and thanks for your generous offer.

Now, if you ever need a paper edited or a gourmet Chinese or Thai meal--I'm your girl.