Tuesday, March 10, 2009


-my parents informed me that March 9 was the coldest March 9th in these parts in their whole lives. yikes. it was cold. and is still cold today. but supposed to be warming up.
-and my seminary kids said this is supposed to be the last of the cold. nothing but warmth from now on. (I am counting anything above -10 to be warm)
-I not only taught early morning seminary this morning, but also helped the bishop out, who was helping the homestudy teacher out, and taught a it of the homestudy class today. just can't get enough of seminary!
- I am stuffing monkeys like a mad woman. 2 done 3 more to go. then I need to make them skirts, and some shorts for the boy one, and some shoes. I just hope I can finish them all by Friday.
- our whole family has dentist appointments tomorrow afternoon. should be fun. maybe I can stuff monkeys while I sit and wait!
-biggest loser is starting now, gotta go- see what happens since it was 'to be continued'!

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