Thursday, March 05, 2009


1. this past Tuesday was the cub car rally.
following with our family tradition, our boys did not place in the top three. they were definitely ranked among the bottom three. (some dads in our ward are very into the cars- we like to let the boys do it)
2. but it is all okay, because we console them with a slurpee.
and all is well. Jed actually wanted to lose, so he could get a slurpee.
funny boy.

3. Ben is home sick again. he has been the sickest of all my kids this year.
not good.

4. book club at my house tonight. I am thinking fresh salsa.

5. but that would require a trip to the store.

6. this is what it looks like outside today.

(those are drifts on my front steps.) it was blowing and snowing for most of the night last night.

7. so I don't really want to go outside, but I will have to if I want salsa. yikes.

8. and yesterday after school we were playing at the park with only t shirts on. it was so nice out. today, back to -15. yuck.

9. no school tomorrow. which is bad, and good. bad because I will have all the kids home. and who wants that! good because we can sleep in. and also good because it is my turn for seminary, so I get the day off tomorrow! yay.

10. Since it was so nice outside yesterday, I spent a bit of time chipping some of the packed snow off of the driveway- now I am thinking I should not have done that. now all the new snow is just going to get packed down. a vicious cycle. will it ever end?

11. alrighty, I had best be cleaning up my house,
buying some groceries- but probably should shovel a bit before I drive over that snow and pack it all down- maybe, but maybe not.

12. and I would love to do some more knitting, and sewing, of course!

13. hmm. maybe no one will come to book club tonight because of the weather. that would be okay. more salsa for me.


kaylani said...

Hey Kristi - I read on a blog about someone who bought all different kinds of chocolate, cut (broke) it up into little pieces and then put them in a muffin tin. Each cup had a number beside it. Then they had a taste testing game. Just sample, write down your thoughts briefly on a piece of paper, then have everyone vote on their top 3 choices. Reveal which cup is what kind of chocolate. I thought this sounded fun and thought book club would be a fun place to do it!
Good luck grocery shopping...I'm putting off going to the bank for the same reason!

Andrea said...

I'd rather have a slurpee too.
If you have the means to go out I say go out. enjoy. shop. have fun. I'll sit at home.
Enjoy book club. hope people come.
You can't let the weather stop your fun.

Lynn said...

No. 1 - GOOD for you! Awesome parents to let your boys build their own.

No. 7 - I have this AWESOME creamy black bean salsa I just posted on my blog yesterday. If you have all the stuff at home....check it out! Then you don't have to make a trip. It is SO good!!!

Joanne said...

mmmm salsa good. books gooood. snow not so good. hope it was fun at the book club and if you do Kaylani's chocolate thang invite me!!!!!

Marcia said...

It was the same here with the dads making the boys cars...I'm with you, let the kids do it...
We are also still buried in snow. We got some real good snowman building snow today. (nope, I wasn't out building snowmen) I'm like you, longing for Spring.