Friday, March 27, 2009


we went to the thrift store- and found a few great finds like: the entire set of Little house on the Prairie books. as I was holding it another lady walked by me and commented on the good find that it was!
and for only $4. I can't wait to start reading it to Sadie. it might take us a few years! but first we have to finish Before Green Gables- the story of Anne before she was Anne of Green Gables. it is a good read too.
and Maggie had her birthday money in her hand and wanted to spend it so bad- thanks Grandma! and we found this bag of felt kids with a ton of clothes for $2. she played with it all afternoon. right there it was worth the money. now I need to make the girls a big felt board to put their people on. so fun.
and I didn't find a blanket, but I did get a huge white sheet to cut up to use in future quilts, so it was a good trip to the thrift store.


Kayli said...

Ohhh-- SUH-SWEET finds!!! I'm so jealous of the Little House books--I love them SOOOOOOO much!! I'm always saying "Well, Laura Ingalls had to do such-and-such..."

And the felt dolls look awesome too!! I bet Hazel would go crazy with them.

Congrats. Nothing more satisfying than awesome thrift finds.

kaylani said...

I have that exact Little House on the Prairie set sitting on my book shelf from when I read them many many years ago!

Lynn said...

Great finds! We have that set of books too. My girls LOVED them! Yours will too.

I think we need to get together and go shopping at the thrift stores. I think we could have a lot of fun together.

Joanne said...

i got those books when I was 7 and now Tamarin is reading them. fun memories. I am jealous of your thrift store finds. when are we going shopping together again? sans kids????