Friday, March 13, 2009

do we have a birthday here?

Yes, we have a birthday here!
after school yesterday I had the boys help hang some streamers and blow up some ballons. then I thought our walls really need a birthday banner.
well, the good, sweet internet helped me out again-
I followed this tutorial, and made this fun banner-
completely out of stuff I had lying around. I love that.
I think I would like to make one out of fabric- so it is a bit more permanent, but we will see how long this one can last! (it is made of newspaper! clever, eh?) I got the five monkeys done. I didn't do the hats that were with the pattern, because I know in my house they would just get lost.
they did have a good time jumping on the 'bed".I think the kids liked them. funnily enough, I think the one boy we had liked his the very most! I now know that with 4 year olds you don't need a lot of structured play. we did have 3 games that we played. I think hiding the toy banana was the hit of the party.
now I think I will get off the computer and do whatever my sweet new four year old desires.
(but I can't wait for pizza and blizzards tonight!)


Lynn said...


Those monkeys are adorable Kristi! YOu are SO crafty!
Loved the banner too.

Oh yes.....and I REALLY love your cupcake stand. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Maggie girl!!

Joanne said...

I totally want a monkey. how fun! you are so creative and I do so love a good tutorial on the web!!!

Three Little Boys and One Little Girl said...

Love the banner