Tuesday, March 24, 2009


so, the other day I was walking past my craft room door,
and Maggie told me not to go in there.
well, of course I did, because that could only mean trouble.
but at first glance I saw nothing out of the ordinary.
but that room does look like a tornado hit it,
so something could have been amiss, and I might not notice right away.
but I went in there today- to look for something.
good luck. I mean really. really, it is a big mess.
but I look down at the floor and this is what I see. that little stinker colored with pen all over my sewing machine foot pedal.
that must have taken a while. It is colored in good.
I don't know how many times I have said-
we color on paper. not skin, not furniture (or whatever else they might want to color on) we color on paper.
-I guess I need to tell her that we also do not color on sewing machine foot pedals. only on paper.

Cory and Maggie have dentist appointments this afternoon, and I will be all alone. hurray!
and guess what I am going to do?
I am going to go to the gym.
what? me?
crazy, I know.
I bought a month pass- but really don't want to pay for babysitting, so I will take advantage while I don't have Maggie!
but I think I will make it a quick workout, so I can come home and enjoy the house all alone.
and maybe clean up that craft room.


Shelley said...

Oh my. At least she didn't color on the actual sewing machine. Try hairspray. I know it gets pen out of clothes... Sometimes you just gotta draw!!

Randa said...

I did do shirring on that dress i made! My tips would be 1)wind the bobbin with the elastic thread tight enough so its taught but NOT TOO TIGHT 2)draw a line with your fabric marker where you are going to sew - eyeballing is immpossible and 3)when you tie the elastic threads together - tie it tight and make about four (tight) knots. Hope those help =)

Andrea said...

Kayli told me to look at your gnome hats and oh my heck---that greenish yellowish one with the mushroom was MADE for Emeline. If only she was still a baby and it would fit her head. With her pokey outy ears and funny smile. Ah, I can imagine the cuteness.

You make some darling things. LOVE what you made for Talmage. So cute.

I'd trade you for something except I don't actually know how to do anything. Sad. Sad.

Joanne said...

that little stinker- but Hey that's why we have kids right? to colour on our stuff. and those gnome hats- ADORABLE!!!!

Kami said...

Sadly Kristi, I don't make anything useful or all that well. Kayli has already sent you all the adorable hair clips you could possibly want, and really I just copy hers. But I did see this kid wearing a knitted hat yesterday that was like a strawberry, or cherry or something. Anyway it was red and then the top was a green stem. Very cute. It reminded me of you.