Wednesday, March 04, 2009

a letter

Dear Biggest Loser show People,
Thanks for your show.
It inspires me. For at least two hours each Tuesday night I want to eat better and exercise alot.
You have some good people on your show this season. A couple of guys with eternal wives. I love it! (Because I totally know what they mean!)
A great young man who gave away his groceries for a year to a mom with five kids. wow. seriously, I was in tears. what a great guy.
I was tired last night. but I stayed up. to the end of the show.
only to see- to be continued.
What? Do they reach their goal? Does poor Mike - with undo pressure, because really, it is not all up to him - get the group to the 77 pounds?( those little 3 pound losers are to blame if they as a group don't reach the goal. not sweet Mike.) really.
had I known that I would have gone to bed at 10:30. or maybe earlier.
I just wanted you to know.
ps. but I did get a bunch of knitting done, so I guess it was all good.


Joanne said...

you are sooo witty and fun! Sorry about the ending but look on the bright side, don't you get to do it all again next tuesday night???

Andrea said...

I agree. Why have a 2 hour show that's continued?? Can't you wrap it up in that time?

Shelley said...

We were convinced the made the 77 pound goal because there wasn't time for them to send someone home... and then they pulled the to be continued card. I was NOT impressed. I should have been knitting. I was crying too when Mike gave his free groceries away. So nice.