Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1. one sunday during church maggie said to me- I like that ladies rainbow hair- about the lady who was speaking. she had dark hair with big blonde streaks. too cute.

2. Jed went to a birthday party and got a CD of music in his treat bag. the dad of the party person is a DJ. his favorite song on the disk is Push it to the Limit, from High School Musical 3. and that drives the big boys crazy. and makes me laugh.

3. they said on the radio that one day this week there is supposed to be a high of -1 with a wind chill of -23. how is that even possible?
nasty cold winds from the arctic I guess.
go away cold and snow. I am done with you.

4. one other Sunday in Sacrament meeting, Maggie said- I wish church had a washing machine so clothes wouldn't get dirty. she must have had something on her dress. not a surprise really.

5. I only remember these things because I have a notebook in my bag that I jot down things to do, or thoughts during the meetings. I should carry it around with me all the time. that girl says some pretty funny things.

6. I was going through Sadie's t-shirt drawer, trying to help her find a certain shirt, and I think half of the shirts in the drawer were dirty. I think I have threatened them too many times for just throwing all their clothes in the dirty clothes the minute they take them off- no wait, that would be better than having clothes all over the floors. but I hate when they just put them in the laundry instead of putting them away. but I think she needs to put more in the laundry. such a fine line. haha.

7. super cute blog- v and co. will be doing posts on decorating 101 and organizing 101. her house looks so super cute- the way I want mine to be some day, and soon, she will be teaching us her secrets! check it out. she is so cute! (how many times can I use the word cute?)

8. I got to go with the cubs on a trip to the police station on Tuesday. it was great! the officer took mug shots of all the boys. I told Jed that had better be the only mug shot he ever gets.

9. my skin gets so dry with the cold. and then they get better when it is warm. and dry and cracky when it gets cold again.
right now my fingers are cracking up.
funny, huh? cracking up. get it?
but really, I am ready for warm weather. and not dry skin.

10. I think with my constant knitting all the time, that isn't helping my hands either.
in fact, it is the fingers that are constantly holding the yarn that are the dryest. hmm. interesting

11. the kids are coming home for lunch and I asked Maggie what we should have.
she said macaroni or grilled cheese.
but she says it girl cheese. just like sadie used to.
love it.
but still stuck in the lunch rut.
don't love that.

12. actually yesterday we had boiled eggs and toast.
real exciting stuff around here.
but Sadie loved it, and said I should have made her 3 eggs. wow.

13. I am out of stuff to share. and must go scrounge up something for lunch, then continue on with my knitting. have a happy thursday!

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Lynn said...

No. 3 - NO WAY! That is crazy!

No. 7 - Thanks for the super cute link!