Sunday, March 22, 2009


knitting up a storm is more like it.
and what am I knitting? well. I am so glad you asked.
I have a friend who is a photographer. and she likes fun, unique props.
she wanted a knitted diaper cover.
so I found a pattern and made her one.
she liked it.
but then she wanted a hat to match.
okay. I can do that.
and then she thought if I could somehow put dots on them-
that would be fantastic.
well, okay, I think I can do that too. so I did.
and I put them on etsy.
and I got an order or two.
and that, my friends,
is what I am knitting now.
and my pointer finger is getting calloused.


Kayli said...

KRISTI!! I got your package yesterday and I was soooooo excited and I ripped it open, pulled Talmage's clothes off and put them on and everyone was just laughing out loud at how CUTE he was in them!!!

I took some pictures that I'll be posting tomorrow on the bloggie so you can see. I SERIOUSLY, HONESTLY, TRULY LOVE LOVE LOVE that hat and trousers. They are the cutest thing ever. I'm so glad you were so sweet and willing to make them for me--now I will not be filled with such longing when I visit your etsy shop. Although, I must say, your gnome hats are gosh darn cute and if I had a baby girl I'd be buying a pink pixie. Anyway, love it.

Lynn said...

Where were you when my kids were babies?? Those are SO cute!!!

Shelley said...

Knit like the wind very old one! :) Maybe I will have to rethink this non-contributer business so you can make me some too!