Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday. (already?)

1. tomorrow this little girl will be 4 years old! wow. how did that happen? 2. today I am taking her to the doctor, to see if he can suggest anything to help rectify her non pooping on the potty thing. no self respecting 4 year old should only poop in a diaper. right? we shall see.

3. the monkeys are almost done. and are pretty fun, if I do say so myself. 1 more skirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of shoes for each of them, and they are ready to party!

4. apparently it is supposed to be warmer now. I certainly hope so. that was nasty cold there for a bit. nasty.

5. I am ready for drips and slush and puddles. bring it on.

6. the dentist went well. only Cory and Maggie have to go back, both for some sealants, and maggie has a tiny soft spot they want to put a little filling in. pretty good- considering how little my kids brush.

7. okay, that didn't sound very good. I tell them to brush before they go to school, and I think they do, most days, and I am fairly certain they all brush before bed, but sometimes I wonder if they really do.

8. I made a pillow cover with my scraps!

9. can someone explain twitter to me? I don't get it.

10. to do today- clean up,
finish up the laundry- folding and putting away are the worst parts of it all!
make cupcakes! yum.
finish monkeys
find some fun games to play at the party. any suggestions?

11. oh, and buy groceries. and icecream. maggie requested blizzards for her birthday- and rather than to to Dairy Queen and fork out the big bucks, I borrowed my mom's machine, and we will make our own! so fun.

12. but first I guess I had better get dressed. that would be a good start.

13. happy thursday!


Joanne said...

I want to come!!! that pillow is awesome and I'm loving the fabric all together. I also want to make one of your butterfly displays. I'm frantically trying to find the right punch. happy birthday maggie. hope it is fun!

Andrea said...

ok.. what? mom has a blizzard machine? why haven't we used it more?
Cute pillows.
And as for the diaper thing- she'll get it one day. just my thoughts. you'll have to tell me what the dr says.
I don't really get twitter either. or really anything. i'm behind the times.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better Krist, Jeremy just finished potty training in November, and he turned four last may. It'll happen.

Lynn said...

Monkey Birthday Party Games

*Monkey in the Middle: You'll need a beach ball or tennis ball for this game. Have the kids form a big circle with one child standing in the middle.

The object of the game is for the kids to pass the ball around the circle without letting the monkey (in the middle) intercept it. If the monkey intercepts the ball, then the person who threw it becomes the next monkey.

*Best Monkey Contest: Give each child a chance to demonstrate his or her best monkey call. When all the children have had a turn, award prizes for the loudest, squeakiest, most real, funniest, etc. You can enlist parents, older siblings, or neighbors to be competition judges.

*What Animal am I?: Write the names of wild animals on strips of masking tape before the party, so each child will have one. (You can use animal stickers or draw pictures of animals instead.) At game time, attach a name to each kid's back, bud don't let them see it.

Children must figure out what animal is on their back by asking "yes" or "no" questions. Names of the wild animals to choose from include hippo, giraffe, bear, zebra, lion, penguin, etc.

*Monkey Tracking: Here is a chance for the kids to track monkeys and collect them. Before the party, draw and cut out monkey tracks from construction paper, using different colors for each guest. Next, hide the monkey toys or pictures. Then tape "monkey tracks" to the floor and furniture, leading in the direction of a matching monkey.
Space the tracks closer together for young children and farther apart for older kids. Give each player a bag, let everyone know which color to follow, and set them loose to find their monkeys.

*Animal Antics: For the first round of the game, sit the kids in a circle. Have each child draw a card that has the name or picture of an animal on it. The kids take turns making the sound of the animal while the other players try to guess what it is.

For the second round, reshuffle the cards and have the kids draw a new animal. Each child then walks or moves like the animal while everyone guesses what it is.

*Balloon Stomp: Blow up a balloon for each player and attach a string. Have players tie the balloons to their left ankles, leaving about a foot of string between the ankle and balloon.

On the word "Go!" have your monkey birthday party guests attempt to pop one another's balloons - without getting their own balloons popped! The last player with an intact balloon wins.

*Grab the Loot: Divide the kids equally into two teams of monkeys and have them stand the on opposite sides of the yard. Place a small prize - such as a candy bar or a pack of gum - in the middle of the yard between the two teams. Give the members of each team a number - one, two, three, and so on - then repeat the same numbers for the other team members.

When the referee calls a number, the two players with that number must run to the center of the field, try to grab the loot, and run back without being caught by the other player. Continually put out new pieces of loot and call new numbers. The team with the most loot at the end of the game wins.

*Monkey Knot: Invite your monkey birthday party guests stand in a circle, facing inward. Then ask everyone to extend right hands into the ring and hold onto someone else's hand. Next, ask them to do the same with their left hands.

The objective of the game is for everyone to untangle themselves by stepping over, ducking under people, or turning around. Whatever happens, kids can't let go of hands.

*Penny Toss: Place a number of empty containers of varying sizes - such as tuna can, a juice can, and so on - on a platform. Set the cans up in random order, assigning each one a point value based on difficulty. Give the players ten pennies and let the kids toss them into the cans. Award different prizes for different point totals.

*Monkey See Monkey Do: Gather the kids around and select one person to be "It". Have him leave the room, while you select "Leader" from a remaining group.

Turn on some party music, and get the Leader come up with dance moves while everybody else begins to follow the moves of the Leader. Then you invite the person who is "It", and get him to identify who the Leader in the group is. (Coach the Leader to change the moves while the It-person is not looking at the Leader. Ask the dancers to change their moves in-sync so it is harder to figure out who the leader is.)

For younger group of kids you can simply select "Monkey" and have all the other kids copy the dance moves. In this case, you can change the leader every 20-30 seconds.

kaylani said...

I think Twitter is another version of facebook. But you're not on that either...

Stephanie said...

I love your pillow cover!