Thursday, July 16, 2009


1. my computer, no- the internet hasn't worked all day, but it is finally working, so I am posting quick, before it decides not to work anymore.

2. I was going to five up, and go to bed, but of course, it decides to work, so now I might have to be up for a long time catching up on all the things I would have been wasting my time on earlier, had it been working.

3. we spent the afternoon at a lake.
it was so nice.
then the thunder clouds rolled in,
and we cleared out.

4. Maggie was carrying around a little minnow that the other kids had caught, but it was dead. and it was creepy (to me) but she kept telling me, it's okay mom, it's just sleeping.

5. Cory and Ben are at scout camps. the older boys went on a long canoe trip, and the younger ones are elsewhere, so they aren't even at the same camp. but they come home tomorrow.

6. how did we ever learn anything before the internet?
oh yah, that set of encylopedias on the shelf!

7. I was looking for a knitted hat pattern- just google it, and it will be there somewhere in internet land. love it!

8. my parents should now be in the Phillipines! how awesome is that? they had a long trip there, with lots of layovers. and I don't think my mom enjoys flying at the best of times. yikes.

9. last week I was wanting some warm weather. well, we got it.
it is hot around here now. gee, I wish it would cool off!
just kidding.(sort of)
I really wish we could just have a nice happy medium. 18 degrees at all times. is that too much to ask for?
I am sure it is.

10. man, I am ready for bed. my mind is a blank.

11. sorry I can't think of anything fabulous to share. let me know if there is anything you would like me to share with you!

12. we get to take our new(ish) van for a long trip this weekend. should be interesting. Cory informed me that it has a bigger towing capacity than our other van does. what? you tell me this after our trailer is gone? yikes. He says he probably wouldn't pull it with this van either.
I can just tell you that camping in a tent will be quite the experience. especially after having had a couple of years in a trailer with a bathroom, a shower, a freezer, a stove- you get the drift.

13. I saw on someones blog how to make pictures big on your blog- super fun. thought I would try it out!
okay, maybe I didn't quite figure it out the right way. here is half of a big picture! yikes. me and computers- someday I will figure them out!


Lynn said...

LOL! You are so fun. Love the picture. The part that I can see. : D

Andrea said...

Cory looks creepy with that mustache. too bad it's not the other half that came up. lol.

Joanne said...

oh you totally tease me with only half the fun mustache picture. you are fun and can't wait to see you tonight!!

Kayli said...

Ha ha haaa!!! Goodness gracious Sadie looks AWESOME!! She's just like Charlie Chapman. Yes, more pictures of Sadie, that's what I request. Seems like we haven't seen too much of her for awhile.

And, strangely I can see the whole picture in google reader, but just half here on your actual blog. So it must have to do with your blog template not being wide enough.

And, I suppose I should admit it now. I've been procrastinating, because I feel terrible--but I lost the hat you made for Talmage. I called every grocery store, library, etc. that I could think of that we'd been to, but no luck. I also lost a really cute coat of Ethne's that I loved--it was camo. Ummm, not sure why I had to confess, but I guess your mention of knitting a hat reminded me. I'm so sad!! I loved that hat, and loved how everybody who saw it commented on how totally awesome and adorable it was. Sigh. Maybe when it gets to be late fall I'll have to come up with something to entice you to swap with me again. :(

Shelley said...

Very cute. Yeah, I could see the whole picture in my google reader, like kayli. But have no idea what the problem could be.
Okay. Gotta get back to the homework.
Love the mustaches!!