Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I woke up when Cory woke up.
darn his alarm clock on these summer days.
then I was lying in bed.
and I thought- I should get to the computer before any of my kids are up, and not have them breathing down my neck awaiting their turn, or fighting over who dibsed it after me.
and I did.
and it is nice.
but they will be up soon,
so I should turn it off,
and make them work.
because isn't that what summer is all about?
I think so.

I am determined that today will be a productive day.
very unlike yesterday. so not productive.
I think I have already figured out freecycle.
I think.
I am not so good with all this computer stuff.
I have some stuff, that I want to see go to good homes, of people who will use, and love it.
although I also like getting stuff out of my house.
win, win.
if I figured it out right.
although I do have some boxes of stuff in the back of my van to drop off at good will.
I guess yesterday wasn't all that unproductive.
just mostly.

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