Saturday, July 04, 2009


well, on Friday night we went to see the sheep.
the ones that come to a big park in our city to mow the grass.
we know that they also enjoy munching the leaves,
and since they have already eaten all the ones that they could reach,
the kids had to climb up to get some.I think those sheep know exactly what he is doing up there,
and trapped Jed up in the tree!

The sheep dog was so friendly.
her name is Jenny.
she was sweet.the Shepherd lady (shepherdess?) sent Jenny off once to gather up a couple of sheep that were straying, and when Jenny had done her job, the lady said "that'll do", and I immediatly thought- that'll do pig, that'll do. from babe, of course!
but then, there was thunder,
and Jenny started running.
and the lady got her, and put her in her car.
apparently Jenny is very afraid of thunder and will run and find a place to hide. once she was gone for 2 days! crazy.
but there were sheep out of their pen.
so we got to do the sheep dog's job.
we went behind them, clapped our hands twice and said "walk up"
and they would head in. it was very interesting.
good times with the sheep.


Andrea said...

We need to come see the sheep. So cool.
that'll do.

Anonymous said...

How was calaway park and your run on saturday?