Thursday, July 02, 2009


1. yesterday, being Canada day, we did what we always do.
have a house full of people, tons of food, and of course, go to the parade.

2. and while at the parade there was some hugging of mascots-
and it totally suprised me when Maggie ran out and gave this happy face a hug. those things terrified me when I was a kid! 3. there was some candy throwing-
and not always by the parade people.
Kate, you are so funny.
4. there was a whole lot of waving.

I thought this was funny, because the people she was waving at were far, far away, but she just kept waving and waving.
5. there was some picture taking!

6. Jack really got into the patriotic spirit and had his cousin help him paint a maple leaf on his face.

7. Although he also ran up to that yellow happy face guy, and gave him a big huge hug, almost knocking the poor guy down, and leaving a big red smudge on him.
poor guy.
8. It was fun to get a call in the morning yesterday from a sister-in-law who lives far away asking if it was okay if they crashed the festivities, because they were about half an hour away.
the more, the merrier, I say!
9. so, my parents are off on their mission now.
before they left, we got the whole family together and took some pictures.
we had the kids all lined up against this awesome brick wall.
I found it funny when I was looking at this picture after that all the boys are on one side, and all the girls on the other. totally unintentional. it just happened that way.
and no, those kids faces aren't really like that. remember- I have that one brother-in-law who doesn't want his kids on the internet. fyi.
10. apparently the guy who took our pictures has the mad skillz to cut heads out of some pictures and move them onto others. I think that will come in very handy- because I highly doubt there was one picture with all the kids - and adults - happy.
can't wait to see them!
11. This was a picture I snapped of my dad and Jack. love it.

12. alright, I have a whole lot of cleaning up to do, after our big day yesterday.
13. and then tomorrow off to Calaway park. probably the most fun we will have this summer. we might as well get it over with.
sort of.


Andrea said...

Such fun!
Love the photos of the kids. Nice that mine are so grumpy.
Cute of jack and gramps. ahh.
Enjoy the cleaning. Sorry about the mess.
Have fun at Calaway.

bknmkalhyland said...

My kids love Calaway! Have a great time. We wish we were there!