Tuesday, July 07, 2009


does anyone know what these are called- or better yet, where I can get some? I was thinking toggles, but when I googled that they were not coming up.
if you push the little thing on the side, you can slide the ribbon up and down.
I ( or really Leanne) bought this headband at a ritzy store here in town- that I really don't shop in, because I am too cheap.
and actually, I still need to pay Leanne back. don't let me forget, girl! anyways, this is a headband that won't slip.
and I have lots of ribbon, and would love to rig up a few of these for my girls. all I need is to get my hands on some of those thing-a-ma-bobs.
Sadie wore this on Sunday and it stayed in place all day.
that is unheard of.
but I am not willing to fork out $8 for more.
see, I am cheap.
so, anyways, if anyone can help me out, I would be much obliged.


Anonymous said...

It might be a slider and I would try Michaels

Andrea said...

no idea. But I agree to try Michaels.
I want to see how these headbands work.

Joanne said...

I was thinking toggle myself- try fabricland in the button or notion section. It's a genius idea tho!