Sunday, July 19, 2009

what a weekend

we did a lot of driving.
saw people we haven't in a while,
missed out on seeing others-
(next time, Taryn!)
saw fireworks,
stayed up too late,
my house has mess from two guys at scout camp,
and now a weekend away.
my kids were brats.
(one shoved a piece of cake in another one's face at the 20 year reunion. in the middle of everyone. it was really nice.)
I think they will be doing a lot of cleaning up tomorrow.
while I sit on the couch and read. or knit.
and bark orders.
sounds wonderful to me!


Andrea said...

haha. that's hilarious and entertainment at its best. Definitely won't be attending my next reunion.

darlene said...

You mean my kids aren't the only ones not perfect???