Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 13

1. wow. one more month of summer. I'm not sure if I can make it!

2. I made this fun bag for Sadie. Found the pattern here
but changed the handle a bit. super cute!

3. something else I made-
4. and I finally figured out the pillowcase dress thing!
pretty fun. and really easy (go figure.) it only took me a week or so to get the first one finished.
5. I think the second one took me about 15 minutes.
now I can pull out the cute pillowcases I have been collecting, and whip up some fun summer dresses!
6. yesterday I made my children come and pose for some pictures. getting Ben out of the house was a hassle, but once we were out, they were okay.
(I only took a few. just wanted to try something out)
but when we were done, this happened:
a certain little spoiled youngest child was not getting her way.
poor baby. sheesh.
7. this is one of the pictures I got. my fun gang of hoodlums.

8. yesterday morning, all the kids were in the basement, and I wanted to run to the grocery store, but I really didn't want to take anyone with me
(is that so wrong? I didn't think so either)
so, I was just going to sneak out. I wanted to tell them I was going, but knew if I did I would have 2 or 3 that would want to come along.
(which would just make a quick trip not so very quick)
so I wrote a note, and stuck it to the front door.

I love that my kids are old enough that I can do this!
9. I found the source of this picture-
but the posters were a limited edition (and were being sold for $15!)
and are all gone. and probably have been for a long time.
I would so love one. but, oh well.
so darn cute!
10. looks like it will be a bit cooler today. there is a cloud cover.
I think I need to make cupcakes!
11. I took Maggie to speech therapy earlier this week. the speech therapist is one that Sadie went too, then she went on maternity leave.
she was telling me that her husband has always wanted four kids, and she now has two.
The therapist was telling me that she always thought that she hopes her husband never sees me with my kids because then he would say -if she can do it, we can do it!
I was pleasantly surprised. I guess I used to be a good mom, with good kids.
12. I wonder if she would still say that if she saw me with all of my kids!
13. well, the kids are fighting over who gets the computer next.
in only one month it will just be Maggie and I taking turns.
(unless I can figure out the apple, then we will each have our own.)


Joanne said...

you are funny and so talented. I love the banner for your girls. I made one too but it never got hung up. oh well. have a great thursday!

Lynn said...

Figure out the apple! You will never go back to the pc. : D

Love all the things you are creating! Super cute!

Kayli said...

I love the banner! I've had about 10 different tutorials for them bookmarked for ages now, cause I just think they are sooooo adorable but haven't got around to it.

Man, that IS** so awesome that you can just leave a note on the door.

Love everything on this post. :)