Thursday, July 23, 2009

13 very random things

1. the cable guy is coming at 10 to fix up our internet- although it has been way better since we got home from our weekend.

2. I tend to get up a bit earlier than the kids do, just so I can have my own quiet internet time. it is very nice.

3. the weather has been hot lately. hopefully that will hold out for the weekend when we are at the beach.

4. although we will be camping in a tent. (yuck) hope it doesn't rain!

5. we booked our family vacation for august.

6. in a cabin! I am so excited.

7. I think it is only right, since I will not have my nice trailer.
and tenting just requires so much stuff. and bringing food. and keeping it cool.and cooking it. wah. I want my trailer back.
but maybe a cabin will become our new thing. we shall see how it goes.

8. Cory bought an apple computer. he has been wanting one for a while. I think it is his birthday, and christmas present. now the kids think this computer is theirs, because Cory won't let them touch his. they have changed the screen saver, and are ready to delete all my favorites.
I am thinking I need my own now too.

9. maybe for my birthday and christmas.

10. a guy came yesterday and fixed my treadmill. (he had a wicked mullet) Ben was wondering why anyone would have hair like that. it was quite funny. (ben, and the mullet)

11. so now I have no excuse. I had better get on it!

12. especially since I am really wanting to make some cake balls. so delish.

13. I took this picture a bit ago of my etsy shop!
people can book mark shops they like, and I was just over 100 people hearting me! (I was quite excited)

now it is up to 107! yay. I love that etsy is there, a great way for people to make some money selling homemade stuff. genius. and I love that people are buying my homemade stuff. especially since I have designated that money (well, most of it) to a disney world trip, so we might make it there before the kids are all out of the house. maybe!


Lynn said...

No. 8 - YAY!!! We are TOTALLY apple computer people. LOL! If you knew my husband, you would know why we are all laughing right now. No I am not being fact.......we are going to have an "apple" logo on his tombstone.......yup! That's how much of an apple guy he is. : D Enjoy it!!!

Andrea said...

Wish I could wake up earlier than the kids and have some alone time. I guess I could at 5am.
And yes- you should have your own computer too. Or get to share Cory's.
have a fun weekend.