Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a fishy tale

just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a little tank...
ha ha.
well, this is our fish tank.
we acquired it from a family that was moving,
they were trying to get rid of it,
they stopped feeding the 2 fish, so they wouldn't have to move them,
but they were hardy fish and wouldn't die. so Jack and Cory brought the fish and the tank home.
so , thus speedy and frank became members of our household.
then, later, Cory and the kids thought they needed some friends, so they bought 5 of those cute neon fish. they lived happily for a while, then mysteriously, one by one, they perished, till there was only one left.
then , Jack decided he would like a fish for his birthday, and all the kids tagged along, and they came home with 2 snails, and 3 fish. oh, and that nice brown log. fun stuff.
things were good , then speedy had some gouges on his side. he was being attacked, and we had a suspect. so we let it be for a bit, then yesterday we noticed he was hurt on his other side too,
so out of mercy, Cory and the boys flushed poor speedy (against my wishes) then, when they returned to the tank, General Joe, the suspect, was turning on another little fish, so Cory decided he should get his due reward and he got flushed too.
and that, my friends, is the sad and painful story of our fish.


Shelley said...

That Cory is so cruel. I am going to report him to the SPCA ASAP. I think he is going to be put on Santa's naughty list. Poor little speedy. He was such a sweet little guy.

Andrea said...

So sad. That's why I don't have any animals. Even fish can break your heart. Hope all is well in fishy land now.