Wednesday, January 24, 2007

some pictures!

so, I am thinking if I ever want to be a pro photographer, which I do, I had better get to know my camera and my photoshop a bit better. so, I pulled out the back drop and played with the girls.
Maggie is quite the little poser. put her on the back drop, she lay down, and this is what I got.
she is too fun.

then she went of the back drop, and this is the picture I got. I love this one! so much fun. I need to do a shoot for Ben. I try to do a little one around their birthdays, but haven't done his yet. I want to do it outside, and now that it is warming up again, maybe we can do it soon!

what else is new? not much.
still loving the turbo jam. can feel something in my stomach area, so there must be muscles in there somewhere!
okay, I am off to veg in front of the tv, and do some knitting. fun stuff. oh, in the car today sadie asked me if sometimes dads stay home. I said yes, and she said that I should go to work and our dad should stay home! hee hee. somedays that would be so nice. adult conversations, no cleaning all day (because that is what I do, right?) Cory said we could do that, I would just have to get a job that pays as much, or more than his. hmm. I should get looking!
really though, I love being at home. so, I think I will stay.


jessica said...

cute pics!

Andrea said...

very cute photos. Ya... somedays it sounds nice to work. Hour lunches by yourself. But I'd rather be home too. You know- to watch soaps and lounge around all day.

Shelley said...

I love the last one of Maggie too. What talent... both of you! I wish I could stay home and knit all day!! Ha ha!

MaryRuth said...

such cute pictures!! Love them!!

Kim said...

love the pictures! what kind of backdrop do you have? the last one is so cute!