Monday, January 22, 2007

christmas flash back.

This was the picture inside out christmas card that I showed the outside of a while back, but not the picture, so here it is!

and the doll,is now named Betty. Sadie decided that is what her name is now. hmm. interesting. she was knitted- from a book called knitted babes.

the girls room is clean!

that is a major thing around here. well, it gets cleaned every so often, that isn't new, we just have to see how long it can remain clean.

i removed the basket of little toys that was constantly being unloaded everywhere. that should help. I need to weed through all the little things and just keep the very favorites, and get rid of the junk. I think I am getting better at doing that. a little bit.

I must say, I borrowed my prego sister- see a few posts back, dvd of turbo jam. I LOVE IT. I am craving to do more of it. all day, I think about it. that is so not me. so very not me. I can feel my obliques. yes, I do have them. I was surprised myself. I have been doing a bit each day since Friday. ( I even did 10 min of abs on Sunday, shh. ) and I feel good. and want to do more, and want to eat less. I hope to see results soon! wow.

fun stuff. okay, I really want to make peanut butter cookies. If I do it now, they should be ready around home from school time and the kids will eat most of them, and I can just have a couple. right? self control. a hard thing for me!


Andrea said...

I so need that video! And hope the cookies were good. I need to make some too. Sadly I'll eat them all though.

Kim said...

The cookies sound so good. I've wanted to make peanut butter cookies for a long time, but don't have a very good recipe. And I neeeeeddd to start working out. Tomorrow I'm headed to the gym to walk on the track with Ryker, should be fun!